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James Tatum Foundation For The Arts, Inc
The James Tatum Foundation For The Arts, Inc., was founded in 1987 by a coalition of concerned educators and civic leaders who recognized that in the Metropolitan Detroit area, there were many artistically talented youth whose potential were not being nurtured to development. The foundation incorporated as a not for profit organization in December 1987 and received a 501 (c) (3) status in February 1998. The primary objectives of the Foundation are to:
  • Recognize the artistic talents of Michigan Youth
  • Provide opportunities to develop and display these artistic talents
  • Provide scholarship awards in the performing arts to high school students for colleges and universities
  • Support institutions that promote youth involvement in the arts
  • Seek public and private funds to help meet the Foundations objectives
  • Identify and nurture the artistic child prodigy in Michigan and offer support in the overall development of that child
  • Continue to promote and educate the public in education settings about jazz music.
  • Through the Foundation'sYouth Scholarship Program, talented youth are identified and provided a public showcase for recognition and financial awards to assist their performing art studies beyond high school.

Since then, the Foundation, with the assistance of community and corporate supporter's has blossomed into one of Detroit's most distinguished non-profit organizations nurturing students with diverse talents by providing scholarships, mentoring and exposure. JFTA has awarded over $377,000 in performing arts scholarship to graduating seniors who are advancing to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities, including Juilliard School of Music, New England Conservatory of Music, Curtis Music Institute,Yale University, Oberlin Music School, U Of  M School of Music and etc.

Tatum is proud to lead the Foundation into the 21st Century and plans to continue teaching the community about jazz/classical music and educating talented youth. "Our music heritage was created by our forefathers," said Tatum, who is in the process of writing a book for non-music instructors teaching the history and art form of jazz in the classroom.

The Foundation through cooperative efforts with other institutions has provided financial support to youth and college students to promote individual artistic excellence, enrich school curriculum offering and promote the awareness of jazz music in the community. Through the foundation's Youth Scholarship Program, talented youth are identified and provided a public showcase for recognition and financial awards to assist their artistic studies beyond high school to colleges /universities.

The Foundation's 32th Anniversary is a year long celebration of events statewide and throughout the Detroit metropolitan area. We honor the businesses, corporations, individuals, and groups who have supported the Foundation during the last years!!

James Tatum Foundation for the Arts, Inc.
P. O. Box 32240/ Detroit, MI 48232
Phone: (313) 255-9015/ Fax:(313) 255-9014

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